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One of the most iconic and perhaps the most popular motorcycle clubs in the world is the Hells Angels. This elite biker club is one that has always managed to attract the fascination of the general public about the world of biking, and in some countries, it rather than any other biking club is synonymous to the hard rugged life of this world.

The Hells Angels Motorcycle Club was founded on March 17, 1948 in California around the Fontana/San Bernardino area. The San Bernardino Chapter, known as the "Berdoo" Chapter, still exists today.

Great Hells Angels Book

The Hells Angels Motorcycle Club is known for their use of almost exclusively Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Over the years club has developed a notorious reputation for itself (some deserved and some not so much), and has since been labeled by the United States Justice Department as an organized crime organization suspected of being engaged in many criminal activities, such as the sales of drugs and even prostitution. These negative attributes are of course denied by the HMAC via its official channels as they paint themselves to be a simple club where their members are free to live fully in a biker free-mentality world. The Hells Angels certainly deserve credit for the good things they do such as toys for kids runs, charity work and helping strangers broken down on the highway.

Great Hells Angels Book by the Founder

The HMAC usually goes to extraordinary lengths to dissociate itself with any tag of being a crime organization or being a safe-haven for white racists, although the club still has an almost excusively white membership. They even point out to the fact that the actual name of the club is nothing sinister, or indicative of being Angels from Hell. Hells Angels actually originated from very illustrious territory. The name they say was suggested by one of the close associates of their founding members by the name of Arvid Olsen, who served in an elite Air Force squadron in China during the Second World War, also named the "Hells Angels", which was part of the popular Flying Tigers.

Hells Angels Notoriety

The Hells Angels are classified by numerous international law enforcement agencies as among the biggest motorcycle gangs in the world that participate in many criminal activities. The Hells Angels have been accused of participating in human trafficking and prostitution rings, drugs, racketeering, extortion, and in sales of stolen property. The club denies these accusations as it consistently regards itself as only providing an enabling climate for motorcycle enthusiasts to get together and take road trips, participate in fundraisers and other purely social activities. But this has not done anything to quench the public's curiosity about this exclusive motorcycle club, which has had several in movies made about it, and most probably inspired the highly rated Sons of Anarchy TV show.

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Becoming a member of the Hells Angels club is usually a long drawn out process. The club is a very tightly knit community that is highly suspicious of outsiders. As such, it takes a lot of time to gauge any prospective new member. Prospective members who are taken through a series of testing phases as trust is built, until the new member is finally fully accepted. A basic requirement however, for being even considered is to own a motorcycle of nothing less than 750cc and a valid driver's license. With these the door can open for being "considered" for membership. You cannot buy your way in the the Hells Angels. Through a series of stages from being a "hang around" where you get the privilege of being invited to their social events, the new member must prove their mettle and absolute trustworthiness to the club and its ideals. Promotions through the levels which include Associate, Prospect and then finally Full Patch Member, can take years to accomplish and will require the new recruit's absolute dedication to accomplish. Hells Angels also has a strict early vetting process that excludes the recruitment of anyone that has ever applied for a police or prison officer post.

The Spread of the Hells Angels

From its headquarters in Fontana, California, the Hells Angels club soon began spreading around the USA, with the first chapter opening reported to be the San Francisco Chapter, with others such as the Oakland, and Gardena chapters following closely. The San Francisco chapter, which is definitely among the earlier chapters, is reported to have been convened by Rocky Greaves around 1953. Greaves has been a veteran member of the Hells Angels from San Bernardino which is a clear indication that at the Frisco Angels indeed had direct affiliation to the founding club. As of present, the Hells Angels are reported to have an active presence in almost 30 countries with over a hundred distinct chapters within those countries. The first of its international chapters is said to be the Auckland, New Zealand chapter which was convened in 1961. Europe did not adopt to the Hells Angels tradition early on, and it was not until almost 1970 that the first "European" club was set up in London, which saw the establishment of two Chapters.

Back on the North American Continent, it took much longer for Canada to take on to the culture as it was not until the late 80s and early 90s that Canada witnessed a rapid expansion of the club deep into its territory. Canada has since become the scene some of the most violent activities of this club, which was spurred-on by their attempt to take over street drug selling territory from other crime organizations and families. The push-back by these other crime organizations saw over 150 people die in a violent series of attacks and counter attacks that took over a decade to be brought under control, only ending in 2002.

The Hells Angels Motorcycle Club was founded on March 17, 1948 in California around the Fontana/Ssn Bernardino area. The San Bernardinos Chapter, known as the Berdoo Chapter, still exists today. IMPORTANT NOTE:HELLS ANGELS AND THE SKULL LOGO (R) ARE TRADEMARKS OWNED BY HELLS ANGELS MOTORCYCLE CORPORATION , registered in the USA AND MANY OTHERS COUNTRIES. ALL LOGOS AND DESIGNS OF HELLS ANGELs ARE TRADEMARK-PROTECTED.(TM) and protected according to international law. Copying and other use is not allowed. Be advised rthat the Hells Angels has a lawyer constantly on the job taking down folks who breach their trademarks and copyrights.